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Prague's Biggest & Best American-Style Weekend Brunches are at The Tavern from 11am to 5pm!

SATURDAY: biscuits & gravy, fried chicken biscuits, biscuit sliders
SUNDAY: waffles, chicken and waffles, vanilla-bourbon maple syrup

On BOTH Saturday and Sunday we serve our massive Tav Brunch Burgers--eggs, cheese, sausage and bacon--, Texas Chili-Cheddar Omelettes, and a large selection of specialty cocktails & drinks (including our house Bloody Mary, Fresh OJ-Grenadine Mimosa, Campari Spritz, and Pickle-Back Shots) as well as EVERYTHING else on our weekly menu, making for a hearty, unforgettable brunch. We welcome you to swing by The Tavern for weekend brunch, grab a seat, kick back and let the brunchy good times begin!

    • Weekend Brunch Specials

    • Big Tav Brunchburger

      199 Kč

      House-spiced sausage patty, 2 x egg Gouda-cheddar omelette & crispy American bacon on a grilled butter bun w/lettuce, tomato, & Dijonaise

    • Texas Chili-Cheese Omelette Platter

      219 Kč

      Three-egg Cheddar omelette filled with 100% all-beef zesty chili & topped w/ sour cream, jalepenos, green onions & tomatoes. Served w/ Hash Browns & hot sauce on the side

    • Saturday Brunch Specials


      179 Kč

      Fresh baked buttermilk biscuit, our luxurious Southern fried chicken topped with bourbon-maple butter and crispy American bacon

    • Southern "Breakfast Slider"

      119 Kč

      Fresh-baked savory buttermilk biscuit sandwich w/ fried egg, cheddar cheese + house-made spiced sausage patty OR crispy American bacon

    • Kentucky Sausage Gravy & Biscuit Platter

      129 Kč

      Fresh-baked buttermilk biscuit w/creamy house sausage gravy + Hash Browns

    • "Žižkov Hangover Fries" (Sausage Gravy & Cheddar Fries Poutine)

      139 Kč

      ‘Tav Mix’ French fries smothered in creamy sausage gravy & cheddar

    • Sunday Brunch Specials

    • #1 Southern Fried Chicken & Waffles

      199 Kč

      Golden fresh-made waffles topped w/ buttermilk-brined crispy fried chicken breast, served w/ Vanilla-Bourbon 100% Maple syrup & whipped butter

    • Waffles w/ Vanilla-Bourbon Maple Syrup

      139 Kč
    • A La Carte + Extras

    • Crispy Hash Browns

      40 Kč
    • Fried Egg

      29 Kč
    • House-spiced Sausage Patty

      45 Kč
    • Wood-Smoked American Bacon (1 slice)

      20 Kč
    • Biscuit w/butter+Honey or Jam

      45 Kč
    • Cup of Sausage Gravy

      49 Kč
    • Brunch Cocktails & Drinks

    • House Bloody Mary

      145 Kč
    • Tequila Fresh Sunrise

      139 Kč

      Fresh OJ, Jose Cuervo, grenadine

    • Tavern Fresh OJ Mimosa

      99 Kč

      Fresh OJ, sparkling wine, grenadine

    • Campari-Orange Fizz

      129 Kč

      Campari, Fresh OJ, sparkling wine

    • Southern Comfort Sour

      139 Kč
    • Vinohrady Iced Tea

      165 Kč
    • Aperol Spritz

      129 Kč
    • Virgin (Bloody) Mary

      109 Kč


    • Pickle Backs

      79 Kč
    • Filter Coffee & Milk

      40 Kč
    • Fresh-squeezed OJ

      69 Kč

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